Welcome to the Vējkalnietis winery website!


We invite you, your family and friends to visit the Latvian domestic winery Vējkalnietis in Lauciene – 100 km from the Capital of Latvia – Riga – and 10 km from Talsi, a small town in the Western part of Latvia.


Our house wines have long traditions rooted in my father’s way of making wines already before the II World war, therefore you won’t find a highly mechanized industrial factory in here, but a completely handmade and authentic product. We offer several small wine portions (25-200 liters), 2000 liters in a year. It is important to mention that we do not practice adding sulphites or other chemical stabilizers and artificial flavors to our wines. Likewise we do not use any chemical protection products for the berries we utilize in making wines.

Since nowadays many large-scale food manufacturers use the term “homemade” regarding wines, the instant meaning of the word has been devalued. The contradiction is quite visible – how is it possible to introduce a “home wine-making technology” to a big factory? Therefore the taste you will experience visiting a real domestic winery is not comparable to any of those offered by big companies and factories – it will be much more pure and natural.


Every year we produce up to 20 different types of wines – mostly sweet and semi-sweet wines, but also some semi-dry and dry ones. In the production process we have examined several berries, fruits, vegetables – blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, rhubarbs, quinces, pumpkins, tomatoes etc. The most preferred ones are our extraordinary flower wines. For instance, the award-winning Black Elderflower Wine, also the White Lilac Wine, the Rose Petal Wine, the Red Clover Wine, the Dropwort Wine and the Linden Flower Wine. If you are searching for something really unusual, you can have cumin, carrot, tomato or malt wines.


You are very welcome to our Wine Tastings all year long, applying in advance by calling +37129457055. Tastings are available for groups of 5-50 persons, in summer also larger ones.

By the way, in 2019 we had 800 visitors.

Price for tasting for 3 wines per person= 2.00€, for 5 wines per person = 3.00€ , 7 wines 4,00 €.